ImageMetry has been founded by a group of PhD researchers in 2008. The members of the R&D team have been involved in many R&D projects. Their work have been published in prestigious international journals and conferences and awarded by leading research organizations.

Awards image
We have been awarded by City of New York. From left to right: Babak Mahdian (CEO of ImageMetry), Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City and US presidential Candidate 2004), Radim Nedbal (CTO of ImageMetry)
Awards image 2
ImageMetry has been awarded by the prestigious “Czech Head” award in the Czech Republic. From lef to right: Babak Mahdian (CEO of ImageMetry), Premysl Sobotka, (1st Vice-President of the Senate of the Czech Republic), Michal Kuba (minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic).
World Economic forum image
We have been selected by the World Economic forum to contribute to critical ICT projects of UN.
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