Venture Arm

At ImageMetry Venture Arm, we have created a small fund ($2M) that is dedicated to investing in seed stage deals A significant portion of our fund comes from active entrepreneurs. When we invest in your company, you get access to and help from these entrepreneurs as well. None of us have ever been bankers. We like high-tech products and building stuff. We are willing to invest in unproven teams attacking unproven markets with unproven solutions.

Think of ImageMetry Venture Arm as peer-to-peer investing.

We’re looking to invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs having focus on cutting edge, innovative, and complex image processing and machine vision solutions.

What we’re looking for:

  • Software or services with technology background in complex image processing, machine vision, mathematics and optimization, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence.
  • Solid and patentable intellectual property
  • Seeking seed or early money from $25,000 to $200,000
  • Business model: requiring less than $5,000,000 to reach break even or sustainability

If this sounds like your project, please send us your executive summary to If your project get approved, you will be provided seed money, our cutting-edge technology, and free access to our network and knowledge to get revolutionized your industry and drive your competition crazy.

Sample of investments:

    An advanced mobile OCR technology for real-time text recognition in highly complex lighting conditions
  • Prevision Camera
    A standalone embedded device smaller then 7cm allowing automatic face, gender, age and facial recognition expression recognition.

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