Markets Gaining Benefits of GPSME Project

As mentioned in previous blogs. at ImageMetry, we are co-working on development of a toolkit (called GPSME toolkit) that improves speed performance of software products by instant converting CPU source codes to GPU (graphic cards) source codes. The project is based on cooperation of 4 companies and 2 universities and supported by REA-Research Executive Agency of EU. More information on this project can be found at

Our market research revealed numerous industries that will directly benefit from the ability to automatically convert their written CPU code into GPU implementation with an expectation of significant performance gain. For instance: Bioinformatics, Computational Finance, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Data Mining, Defense, Electronic Design Automation, Imaging and Computer Vision, Material Science, Medical Imaging, Molecular Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, Physics, Quantum Chemistry, Oil and Gas/Seismic, Structural Mechanics, Visualization and Docking, Weather and Climate.

We believe that GPSME toolkit will available to public in September 2013. More information can be found at


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